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Big customer department: +86 15950901698 Manager dan
Exclusive customer service: +86 13773168522 Joe S
Dealer Department: +86 13862612906 Manager Zhang
Exclusive customer service: +86 15062616309 Lu S
Sheet metal Department: +86 15366271877 Manager  Li
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Our company is a developing enterprise, specializing in the production of low-voltage power transformers, industrial power regulators, reactors, laboratory-specific test equipment, sheet metal processing, rack cabinets. Manufacturing, is due to business expansion, Jibei the following staff:

First, Production Technology

1, more than men;

2, aged 27 to 38 years old, household registration is not limited;

3, there are transformers, regulators, electrical or mechanical installation work, machinery manufacturing work experience is preferred.

4, will be the basic office software operation or a large company Cangguan experience is preferred

Second, service technician

1, more than male employees;

2, aged 27 to 38 years old, household registration is not limited, local priority;

3, hold C1 or above driver's license, and more than 3 years of actual driving experience, no major accident or illegal records, familiar with the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai route   priority;

4, can work with overtime, travel, electrical and mechanical industry maintenance work experience is preferred. (Technical allowance as the ability to Negotiable)

The following combination of requirements:

1, I have a valid ID card, a resume, requiring junior high school or higher;

2, can Chikunailao, Qinxuezaojin, subject to management, with the overtime;

3, good health, normal vision, non-infectious diseases;

4, there is a frequent replacement of work experience or just want to pass the time do not interfere

Big customer department: +86 15950901698 Mr dan  service: +86 13773168522 Joe S
Dealer Department: +86 13862612906  Mr Zhang  service: +86 15062616309 Lv S
Company Phone: +86 512 57908556/57906926 Company Fax: +86 512 57908559
Website: www.kssaio.com www.1hwsc.com E-mail: dan@kssaio.com
Address: No.225, Penglang Datong Road, Economic Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

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