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Application of AC Voltage Regulator in Computer Room

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In recent years, with the acceleration of the process of social electronic information, many of the computer room equipment room and the scale is also expanding, and its accompanying environmental equipment is also increasing, the room environment equipment (for power distribution, fire, air conditioning, etc.) Once the failure, it will affect the safe operation of computer systems, serious computer room equipment will cause damage, or even paralysis of the network system, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and reliable work of computer systems, AC purification regulator in the use of the computer room is extremely important.
    With the development of electronic technology, especially the application of electronic computer technology to various industries and scientific research fields, all kinds of electronic devices require stable AC power supply, the direct supply of power grid can not meet the needs of the exchange of power supply appears to solve this A problem.
    AC voltage regulator also known as AC voltage regulator. Common AC purification regulator in the use of the computer room were: ferromagnetic resonant AC voltage regulator, magnetic amplifier type AC voltage regulator, sliding AC voltage regulator, inductive AC voltage regulator, digital control power supply Wait.
    With the use of AC voltage stabilizer in the computer room gradually spread, so the need to pay attention to the use of the following points:
    First, the AC voltage regulator using sine wave energy distribution and filter combination method, by adjusting the primary loop thyristor conduction angle to adjust the output voltage. Special attention should be given to the combination of the sine wave energy distribution and the filter in the computer room.
    Second, the advantages of AC voltage regulator high precision ≤ ± 1%, fast response time ≤ 40ms, a sharp front pulse filtering effect. So the use of computer rooms should pay special attention to the tip of the front pulse filter.
    Third, we all know that the shortcomings of the AC voltage regulator is the output and the input voltage between the phase shift, a little waveform distortion (additional ≤ 3.5%) with some special load (such as thyristor load), so this is particularly Pay special attention to the computer room.

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