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Transformers "high", the security risks will be eliminated?

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As a result of the rapid development of new rural construction in recent years, a new road emerged in rural areas, and because of the construction of ground roads, Nanyang resettlement base transformer less than 2.5 meters, plus long wind and rain, Accessories, racks have been rusted, which will bring some security risks to the villagers. Maintenance company distribution room found that the situation, timely reporting arrangements for rectification plan.
     The same day, rural power maintenance center construction workers in charge of the work under the command, busy and orderly removal of transformers, gantry, crossbar and other equipment, and then equipment installation. Just when we were doing in full swing, the afternoon around 2:00, autumn rain Man Man Qingge floated, the rhythm of the cold, clear and cold, there is no end to the next non-stop. This can bring inconvenience to the construction workers, in order to minimize power outages to ensure that the villagers electricity, construction workers are still braving the rain to work, one body wet, but did not reduce the work enthusiasm, all in an orderly manner . After more than 3 hours of continuous operation, completed the location of the transformer operation, in time for the villagers sent a safe and reliable power supply.
    It is reported that the transformer to the ground is not enough serious security risks, the company has completed the power distribution room transformer shift shift 8 units. Distribution room is still being investigated due to urban road construction caused by the transformer to the ground from the lack of power supply hidden dangers, and always ensure the safety of residents electricity.

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