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Transformers help customers "warm winter"?

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      "At home, squatting in the sun a little cold, not to mention working out, the power of employees to the people really is not easy ... ..." November 3, outdoor temperature is close to zero, power supply company in Linyi, Luo Zhuang 13 employees are outdoors from dawn 6:00 to 19:00 in the evening, with 13 hours for the Luozhuang District Shengzhuang Street Office Red Tuen village on a new 400 KVA transformer for the residents warm winter sent on the The most reliable protection.
Red Tuen village currently has nine transformers, a total capacity of 3745 kVA, but this still can not satisfy the village of more than 7,000 people of electricity demand. In recent years, the village leather processing, small workshops and other individual enterprises gradually formed scale, together with the community, residents of electricity, the village of electricity load continues to rise, resulting in village north voltage phenomenon, affecting the normal electricity consumption. In late October, Linyi power supply company to understand this situation, the immediate organization of personnel to the village for program exploration, preparation of the material plan. November 3, the company employees take a low temperature, fighting for 13 hours for the village to replace the installation of a 400 KVA transformer, so that customers use high-quality electricity.
      It is understood that, with the current temperature continues to decline, rising winter electricity load, in order to actively solve the problem of low voltage in some areas, Linyi Power Company to ensure that residents of the warmth of the winter, the completion of the transformer capacity throughout the year on the basis of capacity, An additional 101 transformers, the area of ​​the transformer capacity for centralized capacity adjustment, strive to improve the quality of the terminal voltage and power supply capacity of Taiwan. Up to now, the company has dispensed capacity of 56 transformers, increase the capacity of 23,185 KVA, low-voltage lines 607 km transformation and construction, more than 3 households out of low-voltage problems, comfortable on the "warm winter."

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