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What are the characteristics of the transformer parameters

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1, the operating frequency
Transformer core loss and frequency of a great relationship, it should be based on the use of frequency to design and use, this frequency, said operating frequency.
2, rated power
At the specified frequency and voltage, the transformer can work long-term, without exceeding the specified temperature rise of the output power.
3, rated voltage
Refers to the transformer coil to allow the voltage applied, the work shall not exceed the specified value.
4, the voltage ratio
Refers to the transformer primary voltage and secondary voltage ratio, there is no-load voltage ratio and the difference between the load voltage ratio.
5, no-load current
Transformer secondary open, the primary still have a certain current, this part of the current is called no-load current. The no-load current consists of a magnetizing current (generating flux) and an iron loss current (caused by the loss of the core). For 50 Hz power transformers, the no-load current is essentially equal to the magnetizing current.
6, no-load loss
Refers to the transformer secondary open circuit, the primary measured power loss. The main loss is the core loss, followed by no-load current in the primary copper resistance of the copper loss (copper loss), this part of the loss is small.
7, efficiency
Refers to the ratio of the secondary power P2 to the primary power P1. Usually the greater the rated power of the transformer, the higher the efficiency.
8, insulation resistance
Said the transformer between the coil, the insulation between the coil and the core performance. Insulation resistance and the level of insulation materials used by the performance, temperature and humidity level of high and low.

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