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  • DC stabilized power supply in the role of electronic equipment[2016-11-11]
  • DC regulated power supplies support the growing number of ever-changing electronic devices. With the development of the times, more and more electronic products to people's work, while t…
  • DC power supply which principles, you know how much[2016-11-11]
  • DC power supply which principles, you know how much? We are a professional DC power supply, transformers, regulators, manufacturers, today Xiaobian will introduce some of the relevant pr…
  • Application of AC Voltage Regulator in Computer Room[2016-11-11]
  • In recent years, with the acceleration of the process of social electronic information, many of the computer room equipment room and the scale is also expanding, and its accompanying env…
  • Application of Three - phase Isolating Transformer in Agricultural Pro…[2016-11-11]
  • In agricultural production, often use hand-held mobile tools, such as electric scissors, submersible pumps, threshers and so on. However, due to various reasons, may cause leakage of the…
  • The safety of AC voltage stabilizer and medical equipment[2016-11-11]
  • AC voltage regulator combines the basic structure of ordinary transformers and ferromagnetic regulator of the working principle. Regulator transformer works with the same principle when …
  • How to use the voltage regulator precautions![2016-11-11]
  • Safe use of voltage regulators (regulated power supply) as follows: 1, check the regulator before installation (voltage regulator) capacity and load is not a reasonable match, whether t…
  • Why the regulator input can not be equipped with leakage protector[2016-11-11]
  • When using a voltage regulator, do not use a leakage protector at the regulator input. This is a major principle in the use of regulators. Some users in the use of regulators, the regul…
  • Transformer false oil level, which may be caused by?[2016-11-08]
  • Transformer false oil level may be caused by the following reasons: (1) oil standard pipe block. (2) respirator plug.(3) airway vent plug. (4) film-protected oil pillow in the refueling …

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