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   Kunshan Saio Electric Manufacture Co。, Ltd。is a professional power equipment manufacturing joint ventures。 Kunshan Saio company was established in August 2007, is located in the top 100 counties of Kunshan City Economic Development Zone in the park。 The company specializes in transformers, regulators, reactors, brake resistors,UV curing transformers (halogen ballast), high-power DC power supply, voltage regulator, power inverter, power distribution cabinet, non-standard test stand products such as power R & D, production, maintenance and sales (non-standard can be customized)。 Products should be widely used in subway, CNC machine tools,machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, military, semiconductor,electronics, electroplating, welding, electrical industry, mechanical and electrical engineering, import and export equipment, laboratories and financial institutions and other places。 The majority of customers around the world solve the power supply system voltage instability and import and export equipment, power supply system voltage conversion and precision stability requirements。"Kunshan Saio Electric" under the jurisdiction of "Kunshan Xieo Electric Manufacture Co。, Ltd。" specializes in laser cutting, weldingrack, chassis chassis sheet metal customize; laser cutting machine, engraving machine, non-standard automation equipment development, manufacturing, sales and transformation Of the related business。

   The company now has all kinds of advanced production and testing equipment more than 30 sets (
Taiwan),and have their own independent sheet metal and silicon steel sheet processing plant, the annual production capacity of about 10 billion kilowatts. Company 's products have been certified by the European Union CE, and has its own trademarks and patents. At present, the implementation of factory products can be traced back to the mechanism. "Saio Electric" by virtue of its expertise in the field of manufacturing and mature technology, electrical equipment industry to its rapid rise, and has been far ahead. The company has more than 80 countries and regions to provide a comprehensive high-quality power applications, and a large number of counterparts to provide OEM production services, and customers alike.

   Quality from professional, integrity cast brand! Saio always adhere to the "product innovation, science and technology first," the purpose of continuing to introduce and absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with national and regional grid realities, and constantly develop the most able to adapt to market demand for power products. Our design patents and technical innovation to establish the "Saio Electric" in the domestic power technology applications leadership. Saio will uphold theintegrity, pragmatic, cooperative and enterprising spirit of enterprise, hasintroduced a "cost-effective" higher products for the majority of  merchants to provide the best quality service.

Big customer department: +86 15950901698 Mr dan  service: +86 13773168522 Joe S
Dealer Department: +86 13862612906  Mr Zhang  service: +86 15062616309 Lv S
Company Phone: +86 512 57908556/57906926 Company Fax: +86 512 57908559
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Address: No.225, Penglang Datong Road, Economic Development Zone, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

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